• Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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‘Treat Him With Dignity’: Twitter Erupts Across The Border After Pakistan Releases Video Of Indian Pilot

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benzair Bhutto’s niece, Fatima Bhutto, took to Twitter praying that the Indian pilot receives the dignity he deserves.

New Delhi: The ministry of external affairs on Wednesday said a MiG-21 had been shot down and that a pilot was missing, even as Pakistan claimed it has in its custody two Indian Air force pilots who were captured from its territory.

Amid rising tensions between the nuclear-armed nations, there has been a call from many on the Pakistani side to treat the pilot, on whom a purported video has been released by Pakistan, “with dignity.”

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s niece, Fatima Bhutto, took to Twitter praying that the pilot be treated with respect.

“Please note there are many Pakistani voices calling for the Indian airforce pilot in custody to be treated with dignity. I pray that this decency prevails and am proud to see it expressed openly and without fear. We who do not want war must insist on dignity and decency and peace for all men.”

Journalist Mansoor Ali Khan wrote, “The captured Indian pilots should be given the respect that a serving officer deserves. We are a nation that honors the brave.”

Several other citizens too urged the government to treat the pilot well.

Courtesy : news18


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