• Sunday, December 15, 2019
Rush Your Contents: editor@theindia47.com


Communal fascism and growing intolerance are the two main obstacles currently India is facing. There is no one like Rahul Gandhi who strongly speaks up against these. A political scientist can easily see a Gandhi and a Nehru simultaneously in his body language and interactions. As a person who knows him closer, what do you think- which of the two is the actual Rahul Gandhi?
No doubt, I can firmly say that Rahul Gandhi’s activities and actions carry semblance with Mahatma Gandhi. You can say that Rahul Gandhi is more a Gandhian than a Nehruvian. Many have not understood Rahul Gandhi properly. As someone who knows him pretty well, I can say that he is someone who deeply believes in Gandhian way of living. Truthfulness, simplicity, love-someone with all these values, you can easily read this from his body language when he interacts with the poor.

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