• Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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? for Modi: The hatred against Muslims ,Dalits and ‘sabka saath’

In Modi’s first Independence Day speech, he said there should be a 10 year moratorium on communalism but various estimates conclude that hate crimes have increased, and at least 314 people have been victims of mob assaults, during your tenure. Thirty-nine people have been reportedly killed in incidents of lynching and attacks on Dalits and Adivasis have increased by almost 25%.
Your own party leaders, MPs, ministers and Sangh Parivar associates make communal speeches on a daily basis. A group of 80 retired civil servants have called on your handpicked UP chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, to resign for his “agenda of bigotry and majoritarian supremacy”. Why have you been silent in the face of the communal campaign of your party colleagues, and violent attacks on Indian citizens? When Dalits in Una were attacked, you spoke out, perhaps because the BJP sees Dalits as a potential vote bank. But you have not uttered a word about the way Muslims have been targeted. Doesn’t ‘sabka saath’ include them?


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