• Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Rush Your Contents: editor@theindia47.com

? for Modi Neglect of science

Many scientists and science academies have protested that lawmakers’ words and actions – including your own – are damaging the scientific temper in Indian society. Your government has increased spending for ‘conventional’ science, but also for research on gaumutra. Government-funded research on these projects presents neither accessible evidence nor sources of data and their experiments follow no protocols. Yet your government frames India as a ‘giver’ of science and expects scientists to win Nobel Prizes.
Spending on R&D remains an abysmal 0.7% of GDP. Science departments received more money in the latest Union budget – but while the AYUSH ministry got a 13% hike, postdocs around the country have protested at least twice for better stipends. How do you address these contradictions?

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