• Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Can We Trust EVMs? MP Election Vote Count Shows Huge Discrepancies

Till now, nobody has been able to demonstrate whether Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) can be hacked or tampered with. Now the question is, can EVMs malfunction?

As we know, on polling day, ‘a mock poll demo’ is conducted on EVMs, in the presence of the polling agents of various candidates, to ensure that the EVMs are functioning properly. Experts say about 3-10% of EVMs fail on that polling day.

“So there is every likelihood of a certain percentage of EVMs again malfunctioning due to random causes during the long interregnum between the date of polling and the date of counting, an electoral expert told The Quint. “

The data in The Quint’s possession will compel you to rethink – can we trust EVMs and all the accompanying processes?

The Election Commission (EC) had uploaded on its website two sets of data after the Madhya Pradesh Assembly polls concluded on 28 November 2018.

“The first set of data refers to the total number of people who cast their votes in the EVMs on polling day. This data was uploaded sometime between the polling day and result day. The second set of data refers to the numbers of votes counted in the EVMs on result day. When we tallied the numbers of both sets, we found that there is a mismatch in 204 of 230 constituencies in Madhya Pradesh.

The graphics below show the difference between the two data sets in the top 10 selected constituencies. The comparison between the data shows that the Assembly Constituency-wise discrepancies ranged from a maximum surplus of +2605 to maximum deficit of -1831.

Courtesy : Thequnt

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